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Kia Ora, thanks for being here! Let me fill you in...

Get to know me

Hello! My name is Ashley. I'm a Kiwi girl (and honorary Aussie) with a decade of industry experience in graphic design, specialising in purpose-driven design. I've worked with charities, NFP's, social enterprises and purpose-driven businesses to bring about positive impact through the power of branding & design.

My approach is authentically passion-led, so my goal is to build strong bonds with clients with a shared intention of using business as a force for good.

I also have a dog called Banjo đŸ¶

What I do

I am a Designer and Creative Partner for purpose-driven businesses, with a shared belief that business can and should be used as a force for good.

As a Creative Partner I offer a variety of skills across brand and logo design, brand strategy, project management, pitch presentations, print & digital design, web builder sites (Squarespace, Wix and Rocketspark) and digital illustration. Working in partnership I aim to learn as much as I can about your business and project goals to work strategically alongside you and make the best recommendations.

Who I work with: What is a 'purpose-driven business'?

For me, it's important that the work I do has a conscious, positive impact on people, and that my clients are empowered to use their business as a force for good. Purpose-driven businesses prioritise social and environmental responsibility, accountability and transparency in all aspects of their operations.

We'll align well if you're a...

Social cause: Using business as a means to bring organised, effortful positive change to a group of people.

Charity or NFP: Utilising funding or donations to support change where it is needed most in the world

Purpose-driven business: Knowing the CSR tickbox alone is not enough. Genuine and authentic purpose is at your core.

How I work: The three service packages

Ongoing retainer | Partners in Purpose
Consider me your purpose-driven creative sidekick. I can join your mission as a creative partner to jump in whenever, wherever a strategic brand eye is needed. Learn more.

One-off project | Conscious Collab
If you've got a project in mind, let's work together to bring as much passion & purpose to it as we can. I'm a big believer in working with you, not for you, and in a bespoke way to suit your needs. Learn more.

Pro bono one-off project | Purpose Pitch
If you've got a brand or design project to kickoff that will contribute positively to social change, but are struggling to find the budget, consider pitching to work together pro bono. I take up to one deserving pro bono project per quarter. Learn more.

Causes I've supported

  • Addressing the mental health system

  • Access to alcohol detox treatment

  • Inclusion & diversity in leadership

  • Improving wellbeing for children in hardship

  • Forward-thinking and creative education

  • Prevention of toxic drinking culture

  • Nutrition and health education

  • Ethical fashion & transparent consumerism

  • Harnessing the strengths of neurodiverse people

  • Supporting neurological research

  • Supporting purpose-led business initiatives

  • Supporting Māori health


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