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A creative partner for purpose-driven businesses, with a shared belief that business can and should be used as a force for good.

Conscious in more ways than one

A name that challenges what it means to be ‘conscious’ in business in the 21st century. A conscious business has an awareness of it’s impact on people and the planet, carrying out a values-led approach to social responsibility. But with AI set to automate 300 million full-time jobs, it seems that simply being conscious will soon become our most important trait. An approach led by passion, authenticity and motivation will be the driving force of the human workforce, and I’m ready to do business consciously, in more ways than one.

Your brand advocate & cheerleader.

I’ve spent the last decade on a journey discovering my personal purpose, values and goals for my design career. For me, it's important that the work I do has a conscious, positive impact on people, and that my clients are empowered to use their business as a force for good.

You’d be right in thinking I sure do talk a lot about myself for someone trying to pitch you as a client. The thing is, I’m completely determined to be aligned to your vision. My approach is authentically passion-led, and so by knowing myself and working with those who I align with, I’m already deeply connected to your business. Win-win, right?!

So shall we do some good together?
We’ll align well if you’re a...

Causes I’ve supported

Addressing the mental health system

Access to alcohol detox treatment

Inclusion & diversity in leadership

Improving wellbeing for children in hardship

Forward-thinking and creative education

Prevention of toxic drinking culture

Nutrition and health education

Ethical fashion & transparent consumerism

Harnessing the strengths of neurodiverse people

Supporting neurological research

Supporting purpose-led business initiatives

Supporting Māori health

The three ways I can support you

One of these packages should fit you best

Partners in Purpose

Consider me your purpose-driven creative sidekick. I can join your mission as a creative partner to jump in whenever, wherever a strategic brand eye is needed. Learn more about the various skills I can contribute below.

Conscious Collab

If you've got a project in mind, let's work together to bring as much passion & purpose to it as we can. I'm a big believer in working with you, not for you, and in a bespoke way to suit your needs. Learn more about how I can support below.

Purpose Pitch

If you've got a brand or design project to kickoff that will contribute positively to social change, but are struggling to find the budget, consider pitching to work together pro bono. Learn more about my pro bono work below.

Think we’ll make a good team?

Get in touch via the form and I’ll get back to you soon.

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