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A guide to hiring someone with Down Syndrome

Kindred is a boutique Talent and Organisational Development Consultancy passionate about creating more inclusive workplaces. This toolkit was created in partnership with the New Zealand Down Syndrome Association to support employers looking to hire more inclusively, by welcoming the diverse benefits of those with Down Syndrome.


The toolkit needed to feel inviting and easy to read. Employers should take away not only the positive, beneficial information about hiring someone with Down Syndrome but also understand how and why special considerations need to be made in the hiring and employment process to be more inclusive.


A lot of consideration went into where and how text would be broken up into easily digestible chapters and break-out's, to help make it easier to read and separate general information from facts, takeaways, helpful links, FAQ's and tips. The ultimate job here was to take a wall of text and turn it in an enjoyable reading experience. 

Director & Organisational Psychologist - Kindred

"It was absolutely amazing to have Ashley give us the guidance and support with our brand and to think of creative ways to show all different types of information… Ashley's work made a huge difference in what we were able to achieve. Would absolutely recommend to other organisations!"


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