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Feed Your Immunity Report

Appetite Communications is a Sydney-based nutrition communications agency helping nutrition companies & brands inform, build trust, and drive change. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as various immune health claims were trending around the world, Appetite released this report to shed light on the information out there around immunity and how nutrition companies and brands could share this in a healthy way.


As far as branded materials go, Appetite only had a logo and website design. They were searching for someone to envisage how their brand look and feel could develop from here for marketing materials, starting off with this report.


Publication design in the nutrition industry always requires a team effort between client and designer. It needs to meet the specific needs of the industry and content (for example consideration of legalities around nutrition claims, the way icons and graphics suggest or imply claims, ensuring clarity in a message both written and visually). However it also needs to strike an aesthetic balance being consumer-facing so it's interesting and enjoyable to read. It's a challenge I whole-heartedly partner with nutrition clients on to be sure we are nailing that balance. 

Account Manager at Appetite Communications

"Ash demonstrated incredible flexibility and adaptability, always taking feedback on board and using it as an opportunity to reflect and think differently. Ash always blew me away with her design concepts, which were creative yet considerate of client demands and sensitivities. Ash always gets the job done to the highest standard and on time. She's also an absolute delight to work and communicate with."


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