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Branding & Website

The Clean Slate Clinic is a Telehealth program that supports Australians to safely undergo alcohol detox from home. Their mission is to improve the health and wellness of individuals struggling with alcohol dependence, and make withdrawal (detox) and recovery services accessible to every Australian who needs them, irrespective of postcode or socio-economic status.


It's always exciting working on a brand new startup. I was proud to get involved with the launch of Clean Slate Clinic by working with the team on a logo design, website design and create a few materials for the detox welcome pack. I’ve continued to work on website updates, new resources for the site and a pitch deck. 


To begin our branding journey, the team provided a well thought out marketing strategy that included brand values, target audience personas, their brand archetype/personality, and details of their primary and secondary goals for the business that needed to be driven by the website. This process made it extremely smooth to deliver outcomes not only beautifully, but strategically.

Chief Medical Officer at Clean Slate Clinic

"Having Ash to guide us with the creative and technical aspects of website design has been invaluable. Her reliable input has seamlessly turned our ideas into reality. Highly recommend!"


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