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Purpose Pitch

Apply to work on a project pro bono

If you've got a brand or design project to kickoff that will contribute positively to social change, but are struggling to find the budget, consider pitching to work together pro bono.

Does this sound like you?

You're a charity, social cause or NFP with a big heart but unfortunately, a small wallet. You know the kind of power that comes with high quality brand design & strategy but it just can't afford to be the top of your priority list when you've got social change work to be busy with! Luckily, I got your back because I want to see you flourish, too. 

The Purpose Pitch process

What services can you offer pro bono?

  • Brand strategy & consulting

  • Pitch design & strategy

  • Logo & brand identity design

  • Print collateral

  • Digital collateral

  • Digital illustration

How many Purpose Pitch projects do you offer?

Every project is bespoke, and needs to consider current capacity so this is dependent on the types of requests I get and timing. However, I'm hoping to offer at least one per quarter.

How big can my Purpose Pitch project be?

A Purpose Pitch project should ideally take no longer than 2 -3 weeks. For example, enough time for a brand identity, pitch deck, or selection of event/fundraising collateral.

What if I have a bigger project in mind?

If you're suitable for a Purpose Pitch but the project is a little overwhelming to offer fully pro-bono, I can offer a partial pro-bono discount at 50% instead.

Let's do it!

Fill out the form below to apply for a Purpose Pitch project.

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Thank you for applying for a Purpose Pitch project! I'll be in touch soon after reviewing your application and upcoming capacity.


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