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Ebooks to support job-seekers with Autism

Xceptional specialises in neurodivergent talent and creating accessible, inclusive workplaces. Working in partnership with employers through each step of the recruitment process and beyond, Xceptional helps businesses tap into a skilled, job-ready pool of candidates. I worked with Xceptional during my time at Filtered Media as Graphic Designer + Storyteller.


Xceptional required two digital eBooks designed as downloadable resources for their new website. One to provide guidance to job candidates on the autism spectrum about finding a job, and one for employers to understand both the benefits of working with neurodiverse people, and the best ways to work with them.


At the time of creation, Xceptional had recently undergone a brand design overhaul on their website. These resources needed to fit in as a downloadable resource and bring consistency with this new, bold style. I was able to use the website as a foundation to transfer the graphic style into a publication layout.

"In all forms, diversity allows a greater range of perspectives and experiences to support positive organisational culture and performance. Neurodivergence refers to how a brain processes, learns, and/or behaves differently from what is considered ‘typical’. At Xceptional, we know that ‘typical’ does not necessarily mean ‘better’."



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