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Branding & Website

Filtered Media & Social Impact Institute have merged to create a brand new impact advisory firm - ImpactInstitute. ImpactInstitute offers purpose-driven advisory, storytelling and events services. It helps commercial, social and health sector organisations across Australia create measurable impact with stories that matter. I helped the team rebrand as they launched with a new name, and a new sense of purpose.


A branding project not to be taken lightly - this merger was the symbol of a fresh start for both companies, particularly after the hit of Covid. The project included a new logo and brand identity assets such as a brand guidelines document, EDM template, presentation template, email signature, letterhead and website.


With clients and employees alike directly affected by the merger, this rebrand held a lot of power in its refreshed sense of purpose and direction. We made an effort to reflect a combination of the the two existing brands but with more vibrance and a minimalist approach to act as a foundation for what's to come. 

General Manager at ImpactInstitute

"Ash has a keen eye for how to interpret a brand's essence and bring it alive visually. She manages projects with precision and good humour - never underestimate the need for file naming accuracy and a good laugh!"


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